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Kyrie Eleison (2020)
Avokadofarget bomullsgarn og funnet sten
25×15×2 cm



Stilt ut på gruppeutstillingen TEXTILE på Salhus trikotasjemuseum, september 2020 

Tekst fra utstillingsfolder:

Realizing the terrible circumstances around industrial avocado production – deforestation, climate emissions, massive corruption and crime – I used cotton yarn I had died with avocado-stone to tie this rosary after a traditional christian-coptic method. Both while making and using this rosary we pray «Kyrie Eleison – Lord, have mercy on us». For Christian pilgrims the stone is used as a representation for our sins. I found this stone in a stream and car- ried it home. We all bear our burdens, but we are invited to lay them down together with our prayers.


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